Gateway Motorsports Park welcomes all race fans to enjoy the 3rd Annual AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals.  With that in mind, we have adjusted our handicap-accessible parking areas to provide improved access for our events.   Unfortunately, we have had abuse of these designated parking areas at past events by people who have ‘borrowed’ a handicap accessible parking pass in order to gain premium access to the event.  As a result, we are working closely with law enforcement agencies to insure that this area is not being abused to ensure that our guests who need this access have a pleasant event experience.


An authorized state-issued sticker, placard or license plate is required to park in designated-accessible areas, and the person to whom the pass is issued MUST BE IN THE VEHICLE.  Law enforcement officers will perform checks at the entry points to ensure that the person requiring handicapped parking is present in the vehicle.  (Please make sure your photo ID is ready upon arrival to Gateway Motorsports Park).  Anyone found to have fake, altered, borrowed or stolen handicap placards are subject to confiscation and ticketing by law enforcement officers.


Gateway MSP has set aside two areas for handicap-accessible parking including one area directly adjacent to our control tower and an overflow area near our maintenance facility.  ADA Courtesy Carts will run throughout the event to assist our guests with access to and from viewing and parking areas.


Physically-impaired guests will be permitted to use ONLY purpose-built, single-person, motorized vehicles. Purpose-built, single-person, motorized assistance vehicles may be utilized to access all spectator areas of the grandstands, concessions, pavilion, midway and pit area.


Law Enforcement Checks
An authorized state-issued sticker, placard or license plate is required to park in designated accessible areas and the person to whom the pass is issued must be in the vehicle. Law enforcement officers will perform checks to ensure that this person is present in the vehicle. Violation may result in the confiscation of a placard.

Cars and Light Trucks Only
Accessible parking areas are for cars and light trucks (pick-ups and vans) only. Oversized vehicles such as RV’s, are not permitted and will be directed to alternate areas.

Arrive Early
All of the Speedway’s parking areas require a parking service fee of $20 per vehicle. The size of the race event and traffic patterns may impact your parking location. General parking in the Speedway’s accessible lots fill quickly so guests with disabilities are advised to arrive early on race days.