It’s affordable social entertainment: Not just a street-legal drag race, each Friday night Midnight Madness is a lifestyle event, complete with special themes, DJs, a drifting pit, attractions and social activities. The concession stand offers discounted prices on popular food items. $25 to race. Admission: $15 for adult spectators, $8 for spectators age 8-15, spectators age 7 and under are admitted free.
More ticket details and pre-sale available here.

Sharks of the Strip: If you like outlaw street car racing, then Sharks of the Strip is for you! Sharks of the Strip is the newest 1/8 mile outlaw heads-up racing experience for only the baddest and fastest street cars in the St Louis region.  At each Midnight Madness powered by NOS the top full-bodied racers will battle it out for cash, glory and the title “King of the Sharks.” For more information on Sharks of the Strip rules and how to get involved click here.

Play on a big-league field: Midnight Madness participants are welcome to race their street-legal cars on the same track used by the stars of the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series at speeds in excess of 320 miles per hour.

It’s safe and legal: Midnight Madness is open to all licensed drivers and any street-legal car or motorcycle. All vehicles must be self-starting and no race cars are allowed. All vehicles must pass a safety inspection before being allowed to compete. All drivers must present a valid driver’s license at the time of technical inspection. Participants 16 and 17 years of age must have a parental consent form completed prior to competition. A complete fire and safety crew is on duty at all times during Midnight Madness.

SAFETY GUIDELINES: ALL DRIVERS — DRAG RACING AND DRIFTING — MUST WEAR LONG PANTS. SHORTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. All motorcycle riders must wear a helmet and a riding jacket of some sort with jeans. Motorcycles racing in excess of 120 mph need full leathers. Cars do not have to be completely street-legal but must be self-starting and able to drive through the staging lanes. All drivers of all vehicles, regardless of speed must wear long pants, no shorts. Driver needs a helmet (Snell certification 2010 or newer) if car is quicker than 13.99 seconds. Go-Karts, ATVs, Off-road Oriented Vehicles, or any other vehicles not approved by NHRA are prohibited. Cars running 11.49 sec. or quicker (or 135 mph+) need a roll bar — or better depending how fast car is. All convertibles, regardless of speed, will require a helmet (Snell certification 2010 or newer). Any built Chevrolet or GMC diesel who plans on running in 4wd needs tie-rod sleeves.